Step 1. Getting started


Buy a GSM SIM card (WE RECOMMEND SPEEDTALK MOBILE SIM card). Make sure it’s a Micro SIM card.

Normal SIM Card

Normal SIM Card after cutting

Nano SIM Card

Micro SIM Card


The SIM card must support 2G networks, and caller ID must be enabled.

Step 2. Inserting the SIM card


Before inserting the SIM card into the watch, we recommend that you insert the SIM card into your cell phone and make a call to check that it is working properly. NOTE: If you have PIN code protection on your SIM, you must turn it off, or the watch will not work properly. Please turn off the watch before inserting the SIM card.


To insert the SIM card, open the side rubber cover and put the card into the slot with the chip facing up.


Turn on the watch, then wait for the signal to appear

Step 3. Download the APP using one of the following methods

Method 1.

Open your QR code reader and scan the QR code below. Download and install the APP.



Method 2.

Install client APP (SeTracker) on the phone, download from play store or apple store.

Step 4. Registering your new account

A. When the installation is complete, launch the APP and go to account registration. To do so, tap the “Register” button.

B. Fill in the fields with information (refer to picture on next page).

Watch ID (Reg code): ID number or register code, not IMEI number. This is labelled “REG CODE” on the back of your watch. You can scan the QR code in the APP or enter the digits manually.

Account: Enter your monitoring phone number or email.

Nickname: Enter your preferred nickname.

Password: Set your password (must consist of six symbols and contain letters and digits). Re-enter the password to confirm. !!! DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD!!! 

Language: APP GUI (interface) language.

Location: Choose North America, so mobile numbers will be properly configured.

!!! It is very important to set the correct location!!!

C. Login

After registration, try to log in.
Input your account login and the password you chose in the previous step.
Select the APP language.
Choose your location – North America.
Tap the “Login” button.
Note: If you don’t want to input your password each time the APP launches, activate “Auto login” by checking the box (it becomes yellow if active).

Step 5. Saving the settings

Log in and tap the settings icon.

Tap “Language and Time Zone” to set the correct time.
To set communications, go to the phone book or SOS and save the numbers you need (refer to next section).

Step 6. Set up to 3 SOS

Set up to 3 SOS phone numbers (Mom/Dad/Brother/etc.) and up to 10 Phone Book contacts. Input phone numbers without country code +1. Only numbers saved in the phone book or SOS section can call the watch. Save these contacts in the App and your watch will sync automatically.
! ! ! Remember to click the save button ! ! !

Step 7. “Sound Guardian” feature

If you want to listen your child surrounding use “Sound Guardian”.

  1. Launch SeTracker APP. Go to Settings -> Sound Guardian.

  2. Type in your full phone number starting with country code. (+1 for US)

  3. Tap “OK” button.

  4. Wait for couple of seconds and watches will call the phone you’ve typed.

Step 8. “Do Not Disturb” feature

If you need to forbid using watches during school time just set up do not disturb schedule.

  1. Launch SeTracker APP. Go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb

  2. Set up to 3 time intervals by taping on corresponding timers

  3. Enable them by dragging corresponding buttons to the right.

*Note when schedule is enabled button is green and you’ll see a lock icon on watches screen.
When Do Not Disturb feature is enabled only SOS numbers can call the watches.

Step 9. Making calls from the watch

Step 10. To call the watch

To make a call using the watch:
Slide the screen to find the phone book icon. Tap on it to see the numbers you saved in the previous step. Slide left and right to choose the phone number to call out.
Hold Key 2 for several seconds to call the 3 SOS numbers one by one. If none answer, the watch will call all the SOS contacts again.
Press Key 2 to cancel the call.!

To call the watch with your phone, just dial the number. Press Key 1 or 3 to answer; press Key 2 to cancel the call.

Step 11. Using the Flashlight

There are two ways to power on the LED flashlight:
a. Press Key 1 twice to turn on the flashlight.
Press Key 1 once to power it off.
b. Slide the screen to find the flashlight icon, then tap it to enter the switch menu. Choose On or Off.

Step 12. Setting your location

a. Turn on the watch. Make sure it receives the GSM signal and has a 2G internet connection.
b. Open the map on the APP and tap the location to show the real-time position.

To switch between multiple devices, choose the watch you want to monitor by tapping the icon.

Note: If the watch is indoors, it usually positions itself via LBS, and some deviation is inevitable. Positioning deviation depends on the environment and the distance between the watch and Base Station. If you’re outdoors, the watch will switch to GPS automatically. The range of deviation will decrease but may still be unstable while the watch is in motion. This is normal to GPS positioning and is not a quality issue. Issues related to GPS positioning are not accepted under the after-sale service plan.

The SIM card MUST:
1: Have a GSM Network (CDMA 3G/LTE is not supported).

2: Support a 2G (EDGE/GPRS) internet connection.

3: Have caller ID enabled for incoming calls.


1. You inserted the SIM card but still got no signal.

a. Check the card’s type. Must be a micro SIM. Make sure the card has a 2G internet connection and can make/receive calls. Is there Pl code protection on the SIM? If so, turn it OFF.

b. Check the card to see if it’s inserted properly. If not, shut down the watch, insert the card, and reboot.

2. When you save the numbers, it indicates that the device cannot connect to the network.

a. Is there a stable connection to a GSM network? Does the watch ring when receiving a phone call? Is there an internet connection?

b. Check whether the watch 1s ON. The watch must be powered on to use the APP.

c. Make sure that the SIM card has a data package. Make sure you have paid the phone charge and the SIM card Is available to call.

d. Check whether the watch ID matches the ID in the APP. If not, correct the ID in APP settings.

e. If it’s still not working, please send pw,123456,ts# to your phone. Forward the message and a photo of the back cover of the watch (showing the QR code and barcode) to your local dealer. They will solve this problem as soon as possible.

3. When you call the watch, it says the number you have dialed is busy.

a. Please check to be sure there is a signal after inserting the card.

b. Please check that the phone you’re dialing from is in the phone book/SOS section in the APP “SeTracker”.

c. Check If “DO NOT DISTURB” is OFF in the APP. If it’s ON, please switch to OFF.

4. The time does not update automatically.

When you insert the card (must have data), the watch will update the time automatically, which might take several minutes. If not, please send an SMS message, pw,123456,ntpservers,,8089# via your phone to the watch. When your phone answers, reboot the watch.

5. The positioning function is not working.

a. Move the watch outdoors and try again.

b. Once the watch goes into SLEEP MODE, it will switch to SAVE POWER MODE, which means the function of uploading data is OFF. You must refresh the positioning. Shake the watch or press any button to wake it up.

6. The watch neither charges nor boots.

The battery has entered self-protection mode. Attempt the following steps in order:
1. Try another USB cable to see if the original one was damaged.

2. Press and hold the POWER key for 50 seconds, then recharge. It will indicate recharging on the watch. After one minute, you can reboot.

3. If still not working, the watch has a recovery time. Leave it without power for two days, then recharge it. It should be working now.

7. No voice on watch or phone.

Check the volume +/- while calling. If the watch volume is switched to max and there is still no sound, the speaker might be damaged. It must be repaired at our service centre.

8. The watch cannot receive any call from any phone

a. Contact your local service provider to add the caller ID function.

b. Check that the number is added to the phone book or SOS section in the APP “SeTracker” settings.

9. When using the watch to call, it cannot connect

a. Check the GSM signal shown on the screen. If there is no signal, your SIM card may be broken. Reboot the watch and try again.

b. Check to be sure PIN protection is turned OFF.

c. Insert your SIM card into your cell phone and check for a connection to GSM service.

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